Better data, better care.

CareWatch uses technology to make healthcare more human-centered. We’re merging logic and data with empathetic, proactive care.

What It Does for You

Real patient data in real-time. Really.

CareWatch provides real-time patient data and event alerts to physicians and care facility administrators via a wearable health monitoring device and remote monitoring app.


24/7 monitoring

Patients can rest easy knowing you always have quick and easy access to their oxygen levels, heart rate, and movement—and that you’ll receive notifications and alerts when they need you most.

Better care

When you get better data in real-time, you can make better treatment recommendations. What’s more, you can help patients and their families make more empowered decisions about care.

Lower costs

Help patients avoid inconvenient, expensive, and unnecessary trips to the emergency room by empowering your caregiver teams to treat patients comfortably and effectively on site.

Remote monitoring

Access your patient’s data in real-time—anytime and from anywhere—to empower your caregiver teams to problem-solve safely and effectively, even when you can’t be on site.

Data-based decisions

Real-time, accurate data means more accurate diagnoses, decision-making, and care via point-click-care interface. This will help you incentivize care over cost for your entire caregiver team.

Better care, lower cost

Use CareWatch data to provide more affordable care while improving the financial bottom line, and make a strong case for better care at a lower cost with patients, staff, and administrators.

Access made simple

Monitor oxygen levels, movement, and heart rate through a high-tech, easy-to-use wearable. Access both individual and group vitals using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop applications.

Enhanced productivity

Save time and energy during your rounds knowing you can check in on patients from anywhere. Leave the real-time monitoring to CareWatch so you can focus on your ever growing to-do list.

Better decision-making

Feel equipped and empowered to make better recommendations and decisions on behalf of your patients and their families with accurate, informative, real-time data at your fingertips.

Billing integration

Take the guesswork out of billing with technology that connects insurance codes straight to your billing software for accurate reporting and invoicing.

Increased productivity

Enable improved patient knowledge and better feedback at under-staffed care facilities. Leverage data to create margin for your caregiver teams to focus on what matters most—more streamlined and efficient care.

Fewer errors

Reduce costly data errors that negatively impact patients and the bottom line. Rest assured that your physicians and caregiver teams have the information they need, when they need it.

Incredibly easy to use and manage remotely. Reduce costs and integrate directly with your billing.

Empower your caregivers and advocate on behalf of your patients, through data. Fewer errors, more accountability, lower cost, better care for those who need it most.

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